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About Us Battistini Nursery produces micropropagated rootstocks, grafted fruit trees, ornamental plants and offer services for professional gardening and hobby craft.

Nowadays Battistini nursery is a reliable, international company which works in the wide and more and more competitive nursery business, without loosing those genuine features which distinguish the company:passion and professional competence.

According to the company philosophy each small plant has not got only a price but a value, as well as each customer is “the Customer� with his/her own needs.

The technical assistance Battistini nursery offers is the result of this approach which starts from experience and is centered on the Customer’s personal requirements.

The aim for the future is to go on growing, without changing the specific identity and learning from the knowledge acquired. Besides the company is continuing the path of innovation of those productive techniques, undertaken with national and international Research Institute and the Universities. All while trying to combine quality, environmental protection and Customer's needs, both professional companies and small fruit producers.

Our History

Founded in Cesena in 1949 by Domenico Battistini, over the years the company has had a constant growth, from being a small farm – born in the heart of Romagna region – to become an international, top level company, in contact with the territory and its unchanged roots.. Since 1996 the company has been managed by Anna and Franco Battistini, supported by the partners Catia Piraccini and Paolo Laghi.

Battistini Nursery, in partnership with Vitrotree Company has been working also in the Czech Republic since 2006. During the years the company has consolidated its own business brilliantly. In 2015 a new branch was opened with an innovative micropropagation laboratory which has permitted an increased production of rootstocks and soft fruit.

Today, a third generation , is leaning on the job, about carrying on this agricultural tradition a great treasure which belongs not only to a family but even more to an entire territory.

Company Sectors
  1. Micropropagation laboratory production of plants and rootstocks
  2. Green House/Under shaded area
  3. Nursery field cultivation of rootstocks and grafted fruit plants in open field
  4. Ornamental design and realization of gardens, parks, flower-beds, balconies and terraces.
  5. Garden Centre shop for gardening, houses and events.
The Laboratory

The micropropagation laboratories are the excellence of the company: an exceptional starting point to produce healthy, top quality plants with peculiar technical features.

Among the most produced rootstocks, we can find the GF677 for peach tree and Gisela® for cherry tree, all high quality goods, produced in million small plants every year.

Thanks to this productive technique, potentially applicable to any type of plant, there is a great amount of advantages, such as a fast and exponential production of all identical plants, most of all healthy, safely exportable plants, all over the world.

The micropropagation or in vitro culture is a high-tech nursery method for the vegetative propagation of plants.

The Productive Cycle


The certification the company obtains to certify the health status of plants are:

- VE

The last one is the strength of the company. Indeed, thank to the in vitro production, all the rootstocks for fruit plants are virus free, thereby limiting the spread of virosis and bacterial contaminations.

All the rootstocks produced in vitro follow the process of certification of virus free materials, taking a sample of meristem or bud from mother plants at CAV ( Nursery Activity Centre) of Tebano-Faenza and other examinations by Regional Plant Health Service.

This is a ISO 9001:2008 certificated company.

Logistics Service

Logistics takes today a very important role for the completion of the producer-customer connection.

Battistini nursery relies on its own company vehicles, and nation and international transport companies, carefully selected. In this way, punctuality, reliability and efficiency are guaranteed everywhere in the world.

Battistini Nursery in figures

  • 3 Micropagation laboratories
  • 110 hectares in the provinces of Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna and Bologna
  • 10.000 square meters of covered greenhouses
  • 7,5 millions of micropropagated plants


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