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What is micropropagation for?

Micropropagation or in vitro culture is a propagation technique, used for the vegetative propagation of plants.

The propagation or multiplication of plants is obtained into laboratories, with the proper equipment and technique, in artificial lighting condition and controlled temperature. (22°- 24°C).

The in vitro culture is made from portions of plants (buds, meristem etc.) taken from mother plants. They are controlled both by the genetic and sanitary point of view for the variety correspondence and to have virus free plants. For example the stone fruits are checked for PPV, PRNV etc.; the Kiwi plants for PSA and bacterioses etc.

The focus of micropropagation is therefore the growth of the plant material in sterility.

The main steps of the process are: introduction in vitro, multiplication, elongation and rooting. The micropropagation cycle is completed with the putflow of the rooted material from the laboratory , to be planted in greenhouse.

The adventages of this technique – more and more asserted during the years – are mainly the fast propagation of a great number of plants regardless the different seasons, in limited places and in controlled conditions. Micropropagated plants are homogeneous, similar, healthy and genetically identical to the mother plant.

what do we produce?

The productive specialization of the laboratory is mainly based on the production of certificated fruit plant rootstocks, in primis Stonefruit (GF677, Garnem, Adesoto,29C…etc) but more and more species and varieties have been introduced over the years.

The demand of the nursery business – besides the rootstocks – concerns kiwi plant, self rooted variety, such as plum tree, hazel but also soft fruit, most of all blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, amelanchier, figs and horticultural plants and several outdoor ornamental plants. Compared to the past, the range of the micropropagated plants is constantly evolving, due to a more and more demanding, competitive and global market.


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