The Company

Battistini Vivai is specialized in the production of fruit plants, including micropropagated rootstocks, grafted fruit plants and own-root fruit species.

Its services address professional and hobbyist gardeners alike, and its technical assistance draws on more than seventy years of experience in this field.

According to the company philosophy, each small plant has not only a price but a value, as well as each customer is “The Customer”, with his/her own specific needs.

The aim for the future is to go on growing without changing the specific identiy and learning from the knowledge acquired. Besides, the company is continuing the path of innovation, undertaken with national and international Research Institutions and universities. All while trying to combine quality, respect for the environment, and customers' needs, both large professional companies or small fruit producers.

Our History

The company was founded in Cesena in 1949 by Domenico Battistini, together with his brother Sebastiano. Over the years the business grew from being a small farm - born in the heart of Emilia Romagna - to become an international, top level company, in contact with the territory and its unchanged its roots.

In 1978, the firm began producing thanks to in vitro tecnique, setting up a small laboratory for the propagation of fruit rootstocks. 1996 marked an important turning point for the company, when two of the three Battistini siblings, Anna and Franco, took the helm together with their partners Catia Piraccini and Paolo Laghi.

The family’s third generation is now learning on the job about carryng on this agricultural tradition, a great treasure which belongs not only to a family, but - even more - to an entire territory.

Battistini Vivai has been working also in the Czech Republic, in partnership with Vitrotree, since 2006, where it has consolidated its business brilliantly.

In 2015, a new branch was opened with an innovative micropropagation laboratory, which has permitted increased production of rootstocks and berries.


The certifications that the Company obtains to certify the health status of plants are:

CAC Community agricultural conformity

European Certification

• VE Virus Free - QVI Qualità Vivaistica Italia (Italian nursery quality)

The last one is the Company's strength. Indeed, thanks to the in vitro production, all our rootstocks for fruit plants are certified Virus Free, thereby limiting the spread of viruses and bacterial contaminations.

All the rootstocks produced in vitro follow the certification process of virus free materials, taking a meristem or bud sample from mother plants at the Nursery Activity Centre (CAV) of Tebano-Faenza and undergoing other examinations by the Regional Plant Health Service.

Every environment where the plants grow – laboratories and open field nurseries – are constantly controlled and monitored by the competent authorities.

The nursery has also obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

2 Laboratories
of micropropagation
115 hectares
of nursery grounds in Forlì - Cesena and Ravenna
10,000 square metres
of greenhouses
30,000 square metres
of shade structures
12 million
certified micropropagated plants per year


From the perspective of a global market, logistics is an essential element of the producer-customer chain, and involves the provision of the necessary plant trade documentation.

Battistini Vivai makes use of carefully selected national and international transport companies.

As a result, we are able to guarantee punctual, reliable and efficient deliveries around the world.

Production cycle


In vitro micropropagation


Transplantation in acclimatisation greenhouses


Acclimatisation and growth in shade structures


Sale of plants in seed trays or small pots of rootstocks, small fruits or own-root varieties


Open field planting


Sale of bare rootstocks


Grafting of rootstocks with different certified varieties


Sale of one-year-old fruit trees

European call

The agricultural company Vivai Piante Battistini - Società agricola S.S. (CUAA 00926960402) is the beneficiary of a contribution from the EAFRD for an approved project under the PSR Emilia Romagna 2014/2020 - Type of operation 4.1.01 - System approach - Public Notice D.G.R. 227/2017, included in the Project of Supply Chain F13 (MINOR CHAINS SECTOR) entitled "Fruit nursery - sustainable viticulture" of which the Agricultural Cooperative Society Nursery Activities Center is proponent and leader.