The perfect apricot

17 November 2020

The perfect apricot is bi-colored, attractive and has a great taste

The new apricot plants implemented by Battistini Vivai are moving along a very precise trendline toward self-fertile varieties, appealing bi-colored fruits with an excellent organoleptic quality.

"Technicians and farmers ask for advice on what to do when it comes to replacing an old plant that is no longer efficient, or even implementing a new one. The self-fertile varieties are the preferred ones, because they offer greater guarantees in terms of continuity of production," explained the manager Paolo Laghi.

Among the self-fertile varieties, the choice also depends on the desired ripening duration. Battistini Vivai has varieties that cover the entire ripening calendar, such as the early ripening Mikado and Mogador, the intermediate Mediabel, Lido and Cocot, and the late-ripening Farbela and Playa Cot.

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