Among the species of Actinidia, there is also Actinidia Arguta. It grows wild in China and in Russia: Arguta is very hardy and resistant to cold. It produces bunch of kiwi, very small compared to the classic fruit. The small round fruit is smooth, the skin is very thin and edible. Very good taste, rich device. There are several varieties of Argute with different size, color and fertility.
Tree: Plant has witty demeanor much like the normal kiwi plant, sush as Hayward: a "vine", very vigorous with upright branches, support-required.
Editor: Unpatented.
Flowering: Earlier blossoming period than standard kiwi. Partially self-fertile variety, it needs Cornell (or other male kiwi with an overlap in flowering) for pollination.
Maturation: I-II decade of October in Italy.
Fruit: Ananasnaya cultivar (as varieties of kiwi Arguta) produces small fruits, in bunches, which are round, a bit elongated. The smooth skin is green-bronze, green-reddish.
Taste: Good taste, aromatic ananas flavor.