Chestnut Bouche de Betizac

The Euro-Japanese chestnut is a hybrid generated by crossing the European chestnut and the Japanese chestnut. Species appreciated for its fruit very similar to brown, over the years its cultivation has increased as it is very resistant to cortical cancers and to Galligenous Cinipidae. It is best expressed in deep, well-drained soils with organic substance.

Tree: Chestnut with medium-high vigor and expansive growth habit, it bears very quickly, starting from the 2nd year. Production is constant and abundant.
Flowering: Castagno poco esigente per quel che riguarda l'impollinazione è a sua volta un discreto impollinante. Impollinatori consigliati: Maraval, Marsol, Precoce Migoule.
Maturation: Early, between the first and second ten days of September.
Fruit: This chestnut is flattened and short elliptical shaped reddish brown in color that tends to quickly turn dark brown. Very large in size, up to 40 grams. Percentage of setting: from 1 to 5%. Easy peeling of the fruit and good shelf life. Use: fresh consumption.
Taste: Sweet and aromatic, with a good flavor.