Chestnut Castel del Rio

Italian variety of European chestnut, suitable for both fresh consumption and processing. As a characteristic of chestnuts, it has fruits of good size, not septum and easy to peel. In particular, Marrone di Castel del Rio produces fruits with excellent flavor, sweet and fragrant.

Tree: Like the other varieties of chestnuts, it has good vigor and an upright posture. Entry into production rather slow, around the 5th-6th year after grafting. It prefers sub-acid or acid soils.
Flowering: Recommended pollinators: Marsol and Bouche de Betizac.
Maturation: It is intermediate, towards the middle of September.
Fruit: Brown with an oblong shape and a reddish brown skin with dark streaks that is easily removable. Good post-harvest conservation and excellent for fresh consumption.
Taste: White flesh and an intense and sweet flavor.