Variety of early red currant that fits well different types of climates, given the low requirements of cold hours. In fresh and well drained soil it is very productive with a very compact cluster which is not so long. The flavor of the fruit is excellent. Suitable for fresh market.
Tree: Shrub of medium vigor, with drooping branches that need support. Good productivity even in more temperate areas.
Editor: Unpatented.
Flowering: Early blossoming period: this currant cultivar could be sensitive to spring frosts.
Maturation: Early ripening period. Only few days after Jonkeer Van Tets, early red currant variety.
Fruit: Red currant variety with not very long bunch, but compact and homogeneous. The single currant is big and of a nice bright red color, slightly elongated and firm.
Taste: Very juicy red currant with few seeds inside.