Maria Dorata®

Historical variety of peach of Battistini nursery. A nectarine -looking of a cling stone peach, but with excellent characteristics both for the fresh and the processing market. Maria Dorata® produces round fruits of medium size, fuzzless, colored with a beautiful golden yellow. The taste is balanced, very good and aromatic .
Tree: Medium vigor tree, very productive.
Editor: Battistini Vivai - Italy (Protected variety, requiring minimum purchasing)
Flowering: Medium-late blossom period.
Maturation: Mid-season ripening, about -8 Redhaven in Italy.
Fruit: The fruit is medium size but very particular: completely yellow all over the surface (as a cling stone peach) but fuzzless.
Taste: Gold yellow flesh (as the classic cling stone peach), firm and very good tsste.