Chestnut Marrone di Marradi

Variety of European chestnut of Italian origin, suitable for both fresh consumption and processing. As a Marrone, it presents a large fruit, not septate and easy to peel.

Tree: Chestnut with an expanded habit and high vigor, it has a late fruiting (from about the 5th year), however, it has a constant and abundant productivity. It tolerates the attacks of cortical cancer poorly and on average those of Galligenous Cinipidus.
Flowering: Recommended pollinators: Marsol and Bouche de Betizac.
Maturation: Ripening takes place towards the end of the first ten days of October and can be considered medium-late.
Fruit: This Marrone is of medium size (up to 18/20 grams), of an elongated elliptical shape of light brown color with dark brown streaks. Easy peeling. Good preservation capacity of the fruit which is excellent both for fresh consumption and for candying.
Taste: Sweet and savory, it is very popular on the market.