Mollar de Elche

Pomegranate cultivar of Spanish origin. Similar in appearance and flavor to the classic Italian pomegranate: fruit of medium caliber, skin is yellow and pale red, but most of all the grains are sweet. The arils inside the fruit are also pleasant to chew having a soft seed. For this reason, it is also suitable for fresh market.
Tree: Medium vigour tree and with good production standard.
Editor: Unapatented.
Maturation: Mid-season ripening time (October in Italy).
Fruit: Pomegranate Mollar de Elche is round shaped, not very colorful: the average size has from yellow to light red skin, faded. The fruit also inside is not very colorful.
Taste: One of the sweetest varieties of pomegranate that is now on the market. Excellent taste and with the seed bland, chewy.