Pinkcot® Cotpy

Apricot variety with amazing fruits. They have a red blush on 70% of the surface. Pinkcot is quite easy to manage. Fruits have to be well coloured before harvesting.
Tree: Good vigour and a medium habit.
Editor: BEE - France (Protected variety, requiring minimum purchasing)
Flowering: Early blossoming period. Pollinators: Sylred cov, Tom Cot®, Sweet Red®, Spring Blush® and Big Red®.
Maturation: Medium-early ripening time, about 13 before San Castrese in Italy.
Fruit: Round shape and big size (3A-5A). The orange colour has a red blush on 60% of the fruit. Good storage ability.
Taste: Good and sweet, thic cultivar could reach 10-11° Brix.