Red Del. RedVelox ®

New red apple variety resulting from mutation of Red Delicious Standard. The tree is of medium strength. The fruit is medium-large in size, conical in shape, with a dark red washed skin color, it matures the second week of September and has a long shelf life.
Tree: Tree of medium vigor. Good productivity, stable over the years
Editor: Griba vivai - Italy
Flowering: Medium-early and abundant flowering.
Maturation: 2° week of september, one week before Red Delicious Standard.
Fruit: The RedVelox® apple has medium-large size, a uniform dark red color throughout the plant, a conical shape typical of Red Delicious.
Taste: Firm and juicy pulp, very pleasant to bite. Its taste is sweet and relatively little acid. The product can be kept for up to 7 months in a controlled atmosphere.