Red floricane raspberry variety with few thorns. Early ripening time considering the complete raspberry varieties calendar. Good production: fruits are big, good and easy to pick. TulaMagic® produces firm raspberries, suitable for the fresh market.
Tree: Vigorous canes with few thorns. Note: Tulamagic® is quite resistant to Phytophthora Fragariae var. rubi.
Editor: Promo-Fruit LTD - Switzerland
Maturation: Among the floricane varieties, TulaMagic® could be considered "medium ripening time". TulaMagic® brings harvest of Tulameen approximately forwards 3 days.
Fruit: Large to very large raspberries like Tulameen. High fruit firmness, with an attractive light red color. Berries release easily from the receptacle, in order to have easy picking.
Taste: Delicious aroma, classic raspberry flavor with high sugar content.