Pera volpina is an ancient cultivar of pear which is present in Romagna from more than a century. This plant is often cultivated as a tutor along the old rows of grapevines. Currently we can find it in proximity of old country houses, in the middle of ancient vineyards and sometimes into the woods, now abandoned, where once the soil appeared cultivated. It is a very rustic plant that easily fits every kind of soil, preferring the deep ones, fresh, fertile, managing to survive and develop in calcareous and arid soil, especially if grafted on hawthorn, sorb and azarole.
Tree: Plant with deciduous leaves which can reach 10 m of height and 8 m in foliage. The root apparatus is sorted and its development is related to the kind of rootstock used. It presents two kinds of buds: bud woods, with production of sprigs and leaves - mixed buds, with production of leaves and flowers.
Flowering: Flowers are white and bloom in April.
Fruit: Fruit of pear volpino has the typical pear conformation, of small size (about 10 cm). Its colour is rusty brown.
Taste: Its flesh is consistent even in maturation, so as it must be consumed only after cooking.