Among Actinidia species, there is also Actinidia Arguta. It spontaneously grows in China and Russia: it is very rustic and resistant to cold, the fruit is a cluster of kiwi, very little if compared to standard ones. The small fruit is round, hairless, its skin is very thin and edible. Very good taste, rich in properties. There are different varietes for colour, size of fruits and fertility.
Tree: Its growing habit is very similar to standard kiwi: a vigorous bunch with upright vines, it needs a support. Particularly resistant to cold.
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Flowering: Earlier blossoming than standard kiwi. Approximately in May. Weiki is partially self-fertile and it is also used as pollinator for other varieties.
Maturation: October in Italy, with a certain gradual maturation of the fruits in the cluster.
Fruit: Weiki fruit is little (smaller than Ananasnaya), round with a bright green skin, smooth and thin.
Taste: Good and aromatic taste.