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The Company

Battistini Vivai specialises in the production of fruit plants for professional use.

Its main products are micropropagated rootstocks, grafted fruit plants, kiwi plants, berries (raspberries, blueberries, etc.) and nuts.

Battistini Vivai has become a sound international producer whose aim is to work in the extensive and competitive nursery market, without ever losing sight of the genuine features that have always set us apart: passion and expertise at the service of customers, be they large companies or small producers.

2 Laboratories
of micropropagation
115 hectares
of nursery grounds in Forlì - Cesena and Ravenna
10,000 square metres
of greenhouses
30,000 square metres
of shade structures
12 million
certified micropropagated plants per year


8 May 2024
The future starts now!
7 February 2024
Battistini nurseries is part of the project as a company producing plants of different species
15 April 2023
Evento internazionale dedicato al Mirtillo
1 April 2023
Fruit tree season 2023-2024 is closed.
24 March 2023
Romano Roncasaglia, after decades of in vitro working on blueberry, give to Agronotizie his review.
17 November 2020
Paolo explains how the perfect apricot must be.


8-10 May 2024

Macfrut 2024

Rimini - Italy

Pad. A1 - 198

15-17 May 2024

Caspian Agro 2024

Baku - Azerbaijan

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